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Our Vision

An instrument of Change

The lack of resources of policyholders in comparison to the resources of insurance companies operating in Puerto Rico disproportionately benefits the insurance carriers to take advantage of the majority of policyholders.

Having more than enough money and attorneys, as well as sophisticated expertise and time, insurance carriers are in a powerful situation.

Policyholders, on the other hand, desperately need liquidity to rebuild and reboot their businesses, and the knowledge to process their complex insurance claims. This unlevel playing field has allowed certain insurance carriers to delay the claim’s payment process and – in many instances – make extremely low offers that the policyholders may feel forced to accept.

Attenure aims to serve as an effective instrument to change this unfair situation.

The Attenure Advantage

Attenure’s Mitigation Disbursement

is an upfront, non-recourse cash payment to the policyholders. No other group in Puerto Rico offers this type of economic relief to policyholders.

The Mitigation Disbursement seeks to provide immediate liquidity to make necessary repairs on the property; to compensate the policyholder for already-incurred expenses, or provide capital for the policyholder to be able to restart their businesses.

No Obligation or Penalty

The non-recourse nature of the Mitigation Disbursement means that if Attenure fails to collect proceeds on the insurance claim, the policyholder will not be obligated to return those funds to Attenure – providing the policyholder with an immediate, risk-free economic relief.


Our Approach

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Our Story

Our Value Proposition

With millions of dollars of claims currently under its management – Attenure will have the opportunity to establish direct channels of communications with insurance carriers to conduct fair negotiations. This appears to be non-existent if claims are processed individually, which is the case with the vast majority of claims. Together with scale, Attenure’s core value-propositions consists of our best-in-class professionals that will diligence, adjust, process, negotiate and – if necessary – prosecute the insurance claim.

Attenure’s service providers include top-tier experts such as:

  • Weisbrod Matteis & Copley PLLC, a boutique law firm with extensive hurricane insurance litigation experience dating back to before hurricanes Sandy, with a local office in Puerto Rico.  WMC has represented policyholders in some of the largest insurance coverage trials in the United States, and have helped clients obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance proceeds.
  • Reed Smith, a leading international law firm and a powerhouse in the realm of insurance litigation. 

Attenure also relies on exceptional local resources, including:

  • CAT Adjusters a Puerto Rico-licensed and experienced public adjusting firm.
  • Terrabella Holdings, John Dempsey and Raymond Shipley, property damage and business interruption specialists with over four decades of industry experience each.
  • Top-rated local law firms such as Marini Pietrantoni Muñiz.

Attenure will make all advance payments necessary to cover the cost of these industry leaders, allowing the policyholder to draw on these quality resources as necessary.

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