Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2 years later and still with FEMA trps for roof repairs
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My insurance has made me an offer, should I cash the check?

More than likely, if your insurance has made you an offer, it is not fair compensation, and you do not need to accept less than you deserve.

If your insurer sends a partial check, beware. They more than likely state in the fine print that cashing of the issued check forfeits your right to fight for additional compensation and you will be stuck with only that low-ball amount.

Why do I need legal representation to submit my claim?

Insurance companies are systemically underpaying claims as low as 6 cents to the dollar and are doing everything in their power to deny and delay claims. FEMA has stated that they will not step in to cover unpaid damages until a business has proven they have attempted to sue their insurance first. Also, if a claim is not properly submitted by the deadline, the owner may have to forfeit all compensation and will not be given the opportunity to fight for it thereafter.

When is the deadline to submit my claim?

The deadline to submit commercial claims for damage caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria is 2 years to the date of the storm. In most cases, claims will need to be submitted by September 5, 2019.

What if I need money to rebuild now?

Attenure can provide emergency relief funds to help policyholders rebuild faster. Attenure established the Hurricane Maria Survivor Fund to grant upfront, non-recourse cash payments to policyholders.

That's immediate, risk-free economic relief.

No other group in Puerto Rico offers a mitigation disbursement that won't have to be repaid unless we recover your damage claim.

If we fail, you owe us nothing.

Our Hurricane Maria Survivors Fund provides cash to make the necessary repairs on the property, to compensate for expenses already incurred, or to provide capital for the policyholder to restart their businesses.


Have additional questions?

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